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Available Cats

HSCI always has a variety of cats looking for their forever home: kittens, adults, short-hair, long-hair, tabby, exotic. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

We update this page often as new cats come in and others go home. Not all available cats are included on our website so we encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  Adoption application process details are included on our Adoption Information page. To see photos of pets that have found new homes, visit the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Cats that have the Very Important Pet! Very Important Pet logo have a reduced fee of $30!  Look for the logo on their files by their kennels.

If you are unable to adopt any pets at this time, consider helping a pet with a Pet Sponsorship. To those supporters who have sponsored one or more pets, Thank You!

Picture of Brady the kitten.

~  Brady  ~

Brady is a playful two month old kitten who loves to wrestle with his brother and sister. Being the smallest sibling certainly doesn't mean he's a pushover!

Brady has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In Memory of Azreal. 

Picture of Carter the kitten.

~  Carter  ~

Carter is a playful little three month old kitten who has a great story to tell you, if you want to listen!

Carter has been sponsored by Yaritza Yanez!  In honor of Porqueria (May his purr live on.) 

Picture of Brennan the kitten.

~  Brennan  ~

Brennan is a funny little two month old kitten who loves watching his brother and sister play, and then surprising them both by getting in on the action with a sneak attack.

Sponsor Brennan

Picture of Aleena the cat.

~  Aleena  ~

Aleena is a five year old patched tabby. She is an independent girl so she will take a while to warm up to you, but she is worth the wait. Come check out Aleena soon!

Aleena has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In honor of Becky Beucher; in loving memory of her beloved Belly. 

Picture of Ciara the kitten.

~  Ciara  ~

Ciara is an energetic three month old kitten who has the sweetest little meow!

Sponsor Ciara

Picture of Merry the cat.

~  Merry  ~

Merry is a very curious one year old lady who likes to chase after toys.

Merry has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Picture of Hilda the cat.

~  Hilda  ~

Hilda is a sweet one year old girl who loves to explore and enjoys getting petted by people who know just the right way to get her attention.

Sponsor Hilda

Picture of Venus the cat.

~  Venus  ~

Venus is a very affectionate one year old lady who likes to curl up in a comfy spot, whether it's your lap or a cat tower.

Venus has been sponsored by Kelli McCubbins! 

Picture of Greeley the cat.

~  Greeley  ~

Greeley is a four year old female cat. She is an independent lady that likes petting and attention.

Greeley has been sponsored by Mikael Jordan! 

Picture of Bluebell the cat.

~  Bluebell  ~

Bluebell is a calm three year old lady who likes pets and attention, and is curious about her surroundings.

Sponsor Bluebell

Picture of Winnie the kitten.

~  Winnie  ~

Winnie is a fun six month old girl who absolutely loves to chase after toys. She's a playful babe who is one "honey" of a kitten!

Sponsor Winnie

Picture of Sun the kitten.

~  Sun  ~

Sun is a timid three month old boy who came in with his sister Moon. He's slowly coming out of his shell, but has already decided he really likes playing with toys. Now it's time to start seeing what all this "petting" stuff is about.

Sun has been sponsored by Kim Donovan! 

Picture of Gisele the kitten.

~  Gisele  ~

Gisele is a sweet nine month old girl who loves to come right up to you for attention and affection.

Sponsor Gisele

Picture of Moon the kitten.

~  Moon  ~

Moon is a shy three month old girl who came in with her brother Sun. She's starting to come around to people but needs a lot of patience as she discovers how nice toys and attention from people are.

Moon has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In honor of Noel and in memory of Merry. 

Picture of Nora the cat.

~  Nora  ~

Nora is a calm four year old girl who likes to be petted and will give you just much attention as she gets once she falls in love with you.

Nora has been sponsored by Rachelle Stivers!  In memory of Moby. 

Picture of Lady Heather the cat.

~  Lady Heather  ~

Lady Heather is a timid eight year old brown tabby. She can take a little while to warm up to visitors but she does enjoy being petted.

Lady Heather has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  Thank you to the workers and volunteers at the HSCI for their hard work and warm hearts. 

Picture of Brook the cat.

~  Brook  ~

Brook is a playful one year old girl who is very energetic who loves toys and wants to be the center of attention.

Brook has been sponsored by Christine DeSantis! 

Picture of Stormy the cat.

~  Stormy  ~

Stormy is a beautiful eight year old female. She is calm and likes pets and attention.

Stormy has been sponsored by Sadie Brommer! 

Picture of Theo the kitten.

~  Theo  ~

Theo is a sweetheart of an eight month old guy who enjoys being petted and getting attention. He's playful, but does like calm people.

Theo has been sponsored by Elizabeth Bracken!  In memory of Gypsy and Ace. 

Picture of Heidi the cat.

~  Heidi  ~

Heidi is a very calm, independent girl who keeps to herself most of the time, but likes receiving gentle pets and attention from people. Heidi is about three years old.

Heidi has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In honor of Noel and in memory of Merry. 

Picture of Abby the cat.

~  Abby  ~

Abby is a year old female that is goofy and playful!  She loves to explore and snuggle in a cozy spot.

Abby has been sponsored by Daycare By Dawn! 

Picture of Sabrina the cat.

~  Sabrina  ~

Sabrina is a sweet one year old girl who enjoys being petted. She can't wait for you to come in so she can put a little love spell on you!

Sabrina has been sponsored by Josie & Elysia Amaya! 

Sabrina has been sponsored by Kathy Dixon!  In memory of my Daddy. 

Picture of Nutmeg the tortoiseshell.

~  Nutmeg  ~

Nutmeg is a two year old long haired tortoiseshell girl who can be a little timid at first. Once she warms up to you, she'll curl up next to you for affection.

Nutmeg has been sponsored by Monique Erickson!  In honor of 5M at Prairieland Elementary, a great class of caring, smart, and hard-working fifth grade students! 

Picture of Delta the cat.

~  Delta  ~

Delta is a seven year old shorthair, very sweet, and loves to rub up against everything. Like to roll around on the ground.

Delta has been sponsored by Sandra L Myers!  In memory of Missy.

Picture of Gilbert the cat.

~  Gilbert  ~

Gilbert is an independent four year old gentleman who doesn't mind gentle pets. He can be a little timid and will take time to warm up to you.

Gilbert has been sponsored by Monique Erickson!  Also Sam D. and Missy, Gee H. and memory of Charlie and Hobbes. 

Picture of Simone the cat.

~  Simone  ~

Simone is a year old DSH female. She loves people and is pretty calm. Simone recently underwent abdominal surgery and several hair ties were removed from her belly!  Simone came through it like a champ and was eating the very next day!

Simone has been sponsored by Kathy Kesner!  In memory of Lu and Gabby, Rusty and Scatman, Streak, Squeak and Snooty, and Patches. Always in our hearts. 

Adopted! Picture of Tigger the kitten.

~  Tigger  ~

Tigger is a sweet five month old boy who loves to play. He's a fun fella who wants you to remember to put "T-I-Double Guh-Rrrr" on his adoption application.

Adopted! Picture of Fiona the kitten.

~  Fiona  ~

Fiona has a huge personality for such a tiny two month old package!  She rules the roost in the crate she shares with her two brothers.

Adopted! Picture of Cristina the cat.

~  Cristina  ~

Cristina is a playful two year old sweetheart who loves to play by chasing after toys. She's a sweetheart who can't wait to meet you!

Adopted! Picture of Kendra the cat.

~  Kendra  ~

Kendra is a talkative two year old girl who likes to be petted. She's a curious girl who enjoys exploring her surroundings.

Adopted! Picture of Suzi the cat.

~  Suzi  ~

Suzi is a curious two year old girl who can be a little shy at first. She does love attention, and is incredibly sweet once she relaxes with you.

Adopted! Picture of Mickey the kitten.

~  Mickey  ~

Mickey is a playful six month old boy who loves to play and then cuddle when he wears out. He's hoping that you'll take him home and make a fan club just for him.

Adopted! Picture of Muffler the cat.

~  Muffler  ~

Muffler is a sweet curious eleven year old boy who enjoys looking out the window and lounging around. He gets his name from the sounds he makes while purring.  Very Important Pet!

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