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Pet Adoption Center

At the heart of our operation is the Pet Adoption Center. Our staff and volunteers work with over 1,000 animals each year...some injured or lost, many simply discarded. We vaccinate, microchip, spay or neuter, and socialize all the animals in the Center. With the exception of horses, all pets available for adoption can be seen at the Center.

Adoption Process

Our mission is to place the animals under our care in loving, forever homes. Successful placement is due, in part, to our adoption application process, which helps ensure animals are placed in appropriate, responsible, and permanent homes. Our Adoption Counselors use their knowledge of the pets in our care to help you find a pet that matches your lifestyle. You may be attracted to a particular pet, but it may not be a good fit for your home. We'll work with you to make sure you're both going to be happy!

Adoption Applications

Our office staff and volunteers act as match-makers to find animals good homes. We always have a long list of animals looking for homes, while our list of homes looking for animals is often quite short.

All pet adoptions require a completed adoption application. We ask that you complete an application even if you are just interested in viewing. This enables us to learn a little about you and note your preferences. There are multiple options for completing an adoption application.

Note: Adobe Reader is needed in order to view the adoption applications. Adobe Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated.  Adobe Reader

Adoption Fees

Type of Pet Age Adoption Fee
Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months $190
Adult Dogs 7 months to 6 years $175
Senior Dogs * 7 + years $100
Kittens and 'non-senior' Cats 8 weeks to 6 years $100 or $150 for 2
Senior Cats 7 to 9 years $50 or $75 for 2
VIP Cats 10+ years or have been a resident of HSCI for 1 year or more $30 or $45 for 2
Rabbits - unaltered N/A $20
Small birds N/A $15
Parrots / Large Birds ** N/A Set by management
Guinea Pigs N/A $15
Hamsters / Gerbils / Rats N/A $5 minimum donation
Chinchillas N/A $25
Horses N/A Management Discretion
Determined by staff based on breed and health.
Larger than a cockatiel

Refund Policy

Adoption fees are non-refundable. Adoption fees provide needed income to care for the pets that come to us.

Return Policy

HSCI strives to find permanent homes for its animals by matching the right pet with your family at the time of adoption. We understand, however, that there are certain circumstances in which the pet you brought home may not work out. If at any time you can no longer keep your adopted pet, the animal is to be returned to HSCI. Relinquishment fees will apply if you have owned the pet for more than six months.


HSCI makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee on the health, behavior, age, or temperament of the animal. HSCI does inquire of known owners as to the history and behavior of the animal, including whether the animal bites; however, HSCI makes no representation, guarantee or warranty that the animal will not bite.

Relinquishing a Pet You Own

When a new home must be found for your pet, the Humane Society of Central Illinois can help, but only if you give us enough time. There are simply more animals looking for homes than there are homes looking for animals.

Call (309) 451-1000 as soon as you have decided to find a new home for your pet. If there is space available at the Pet Adoption Center, the animal may come in to the shelter.

For additional information, these two webpages may be helpful.