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Available Rabbits and More

HSCI also has a variety of pets other than cats and dogs looking for their forever home such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, birds, ferrets and horses. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

We update this page often as new pets come in and others go home. Not all available pets are included on our website so we encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  Adoption application process details are included on our Adoption Information page. To see photos of pets that have found new homes, visit the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Cannot adopt any pets at this time?  Consider helping a pet with a Pet Sponsorship!

Featured Pet!

Chip is a big eighteen year old registered buckskin Appaloosa gelding. Although he has extensive training, he has permanent damage to his front legs and feet, the result of being ridden too hard at too young an age. However, he could be ridden lightly, if given painkiller the day before a ride and maybe the day of a ride as well. He would be an excellent therapy horse because at heart he is a big dog. He could be a beautiful pasture pet. He gets along well with other horses. Please give him a chance to live out his life with all the love he deserves.

Chip has been sponsored by Sara Bailey! 


We have six Finches available for adoption. They are all male, and about four years old. Finches are social animals and will need to be adopted in at least pairs.

The Finches have been sponsored by Terri Fraser!  In memory of Shelby, Stasha, and Honi Bear. 

Pepper Rosemary

Pepper and Rosemary are young adult female rabbits. Both of these girls are spayed, and social!

Pepper & Rosemary have been sponsored by Maureen Barnes! 

Pepper & Rosemary have been sponsored by Adam & Megan Hucek! 


Clementine is a five month old Guinea Pig. She is a little skittish, but plenty young enough to be fully socialized.

Clementine has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Larry Curly Moe Cheeks

Larry, Curly, Moe and Cheeks are twelve week old male Syrian Hamsters. They are very friendly, and don't mind being handled.

Sponsor Larry, Curly, Moe & Cheeks


In late May, the Humane Society of Central Illinois received a complaint about ponies with extremely long hooves. While only two are shown in the photos, there are actually three with "slipper feet" which is the result of lack of proper hoof care. Equine feet should be trimmed every six to eight weeks. These ponies have not been trimmed for at least a year, probably longer.

Update - 7/14/2017

Thank you to all who contributed to the ASAP Fund and Pet Sponsorship for the ponies with the overgrown hooves. After our investigators discovered the ponies, they began the process of obtaining legal ownership of the animals from their former owner. Unfortunately, HSCI was not able to obtain ownership of the ponies, as they were voluntarily relinquished to another entity. However we are happy to report that the ponies are no longer with their former owner and are now with a group in Missouri who will take care of their hooves and train them for riding. We appreciate all of the support we received from all of our supporters, as well as the diligent work of our investigators.

We have reached out to everyone who made an ASAP Fund donation or Pet Sponsorship for the ponies to offer a full refund of their donation or offer other options in which their donation could help future horses in need.

Pony 1 Pony 2
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