Humane Society of Central Illinois

Gallery of Adopted Cats  -  #40

For those of you who cannot resist looking at cute pet pictures, here are some of the cats that have been adopted from the HSCI.

Joy Brushetta Hostess Rudy Simba Noel Toasty Chester Shawna Bonnie Gracie Ms. Gee Gee T.J. Gullivar Venus Peaches Austin Cliff Jane Carli & Claudia Cola Duck Duck
Stinker Leroy Colby Preto Honey Bee Grover Shashoni Bonita Faith Dora Domino Simon & Sammy Betsy Madonna, Aretha & Elton Smiley & Whitey Berkley Captain Remington Voxie Lori Jazzie & Brewster Clyde Delilah

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