Humane Society of Central Illinois

Gallery of Adopted Rabbits and More  -  #13

For those of you who cannot resist looking at cute pet pictures, here are some of the rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hamsters that have been adopted from the HSCI.

Bonsai Mishka Fritz & Hans Romeo Dee Azure, Periwinkle & Dandelion Orbit, Kirby, Loopie & Nibbles Acorn & Ash Marco Didi & Lizzie Rembrandt Josette & Victoria Frappe & Latte Reggie Moose Scooby Shaggy Joseph Cosette & Marius Thumper Kirby & Boo Boo Benny Buttons
Reba Lou Lou & Sesame Lancer Domino Leo Genie Annie Willow Nimbus Aladin Moe Daphne & Velma Kagome & Ayame Buddy Pig Pig Lou Lou Sesame Smudge Snooki Whopper Mocha Dust Bunny

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