Humane Society of Central Illinois

Gallery of Adopted Rabbits and More  -  #14

For those of you who cannot resist looking at cute pet pictures, here are some of the rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hamsters that have been adopted from the HSCI.

Cologera Logie Cinnamon & Ginny Pig Fergie Gus Pebbles Scarlet Ms. Buddy Ziggy Ruby Charles & Algernon Harriett Vera & Bradley Rafa & Chloe Alex Pip Pumpernickel Roscoe Floyd Dancer Payton Stormy
Kahlua Cookie & Smores Lola Loco Giselle & Rascal Sprite Lucky Bird Ryan 3B264 Pickles Ozzy Rory Pork Chop Snuggles Edward Kielbasa Oakley Allie Tiki Malfoy Malfoy Coconut

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