Humane Society of Central Illinois

Gallery of Adopted Rabbits and More  -  #15

For those of you who cannot resist looking at cute pet pictures, here are some of the rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hamsters that have been adopted from the HSCI.

Spark Prancer Waldo Allen Rustina Daisy Lively Lone Ranger Tonto Maggie Bisquick Harmony & Sebastian Burt Nugget Kix Chakra & Spirit Gus Kittner Dee Dee Sam Taffy & Toffee Winchester & Remington Squirrel
Cutie Devon Taylor Wendy Lightning Kali Rocco Kay & Cuy Casey CoCo Sconie Juliet Butters Peepers Mr. Squiggles Spot & Gracie Bluebell Cee Cee Chewy Ferris Buster R.J.

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