Humane Society of Central Illinois

HSCI Board of Directors

Tim Anderson, DVM

Hello my name is Tim Anderson. I am the Board President for HSCI. I have been volunteering for HSCI for 11 years. I am a Veterinarian at Hawthorne Park Animal Care Center. I have been involved with HSCI since 2005. I initially was helping HSCI with special needs medical care. In 2006 I then became a Board member.

Nancy Freitag

Hello my name is Nancy Freitag. I have volunteered with HSCI for 17 years including 9 years as a Board member. I work on a farm with my husband in Tazwell County. I started volunteering for HSCI working with the cats. I then became very involved with the Spay and Neuter programs. I also foster a lot of cats and kittens in my home. I have adopted many cats from the shelter, including some very elderly ones.

Kim Miller

Hello my name is Kim Miller. I have been volunteering for HSCI for 16 years; on the Board for 14 years and 12 years as a Humane Investigator. I am a retired employee from State Farm Insurance Companies. I serve because I think HSCI is the best rescue organization in the area. I got started because I offered to help with horses should the occasion ever arise; which happened shortly after I made the offer due to the result of a large impoundment in a nearby town. The HSCI President then, said he would put me on the Board and also talked me into becoming an Investigator. I have adopted two dogs: Happy and Gizmo; eight cats: Smoky, Stormy, Molly, Smudge, Howie, Trouble, Taz, and Ebony; one horse: Cody; one donkey: Pancho; and two potbellied pigs: Button and Vincent from HSCI.

Sherill Reichter

Hello my name is Sherill Reichter. I have volunteered for HSCI for 18 years including 6 years as the Board Treasurer. I am employed with State Farm Insurance Companies. When State Farm started the Good Neighbor Grant, my husband and I decided that HSCI would be a great place to volunteer and benefit from the $500.00 grants. We started at the Gill Street location doing laundry and dishes. HSCI only had a residential washer and dryer at that time, so we spent most of our weekends doing laundry. Since then my role has grown to include coordinating Spay and Neuter events, working with the shelter Veterinarian, and Board Treasurer. I also work very closely with the caring staff of HSCI. I have adopted one dog from HSCI named Dixie.

Wendy Ives

Hello my name is Wendy Ives. I have been volunteering for HSCI and on the Board for 7 years. I am the owner of Artful Designs; a paint your own pottery studio. I serve because animals have always been my passion and I want to help make a difference in the lives of unwanted pets in McLean County. I couldn't be more proud of the work our Board and staff together have accomplished over the last 7 years. I first became involved with HSCI as a volunteer. I walked dogs and cleaned dog cages after seeing an article in the Pantagraph about the need for volunteers and donors. We have two sons, and two Vizslas: Millie and Mila who we love very much!

Paul Campbell

Hello my name is Paul Campbell. I have volunteered at HSCI for 18 years as the webmaster, including 16 years as a Board member. I am employed with State Farm Insurance Companies. Years ago I developed an interest in designing websites and thought it would be helpful to apply the skills I was learning to something that would be beneficial to others. My thoughts turned to the Humane Society, so I offered my services. Being able to contribute to helping abandoned or abused pets find permanent loving homes is something that has always appealed to me. The website has a positive impact on helping HSCI pets get adopted. I have adopted 5 cats from HSCI: Spots, Domino, Louie, Stewie, and Jessie.

Posted: 7/17/2014
Updated: 7/20/2017