Humane Society of Central Illinois
Guinness & Joshua


I had been volunteering at the Humane Society since January of 2001 and it was tough working with the dogs knowing I could not take one home, as our family was renting. However, in November of 2002, we moved into our new house. I could now search for my canine companion! I had been looking for a few months but none seemed right for our family.

When I went to volunteer one February day in 2003, I selected a dog to take for a walk: five-year-old Guinness, a very large Lab mix with a boxy head and long legs. I spent some time with Guinness and was stunned by his keen attentiveness and intelligence.

That night I went home and convinced my husband that we had to adopt this mature, gentle, obedient and intelligent dog. I had even jotted notes while my husband was at work highlighting all the key reasons why we had to have this dog. Of course, I won him over.

Our whole family went to bring Guinness home: my husband Jeff, son Joshua (4) and Dani Rose (2 months). I did not realize how large he was until he climbed into the front seat of my Toyota Corolla. His head hit the top of the car and he had trouble staying on the seat. That first afternoon he was very excitable and agitated.

Since Guinness has adjusted to his new home, we realize how lucky we are to have this active member of our family. He is very protective, constantly "working", guarding the house and the children. When my son goes outside to play, Guinness stands by the window and watches him. If Josh moves to another area of the yard, Guinness moves to a window with a better view. If we have a tickle match with the kids, Guinness lumbers over, whining and moaning making sure no one is really being hurt. When the kids wake up, he comes over and gives them each a bath with his tongue, almost as if to check them out and make sure they are OK.

Of course, Guinness is not perfect as we learned when we left our sandwiches on the table and stepped outside one day. When we returned our three sandwiches were gone leaving only empty plates. One look at Guinness hiding in his bed with his ears back trying to look innocent told us who the culprit was!

Guinness is truly a gem!

Name of Pet:Guinness
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   5
Month / Year Adopted:Februrary 2003  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Guinness