Humane Society of Central Illinois


Missing a foot, but having a larger heart.

Before there was a Pet Adoption Center, HSCI (MCHS) handled adoptions by boarding pets at vet offices in town. One of my coworkers called to tell how a sweet kitten came in, missing a foot, who purred when the caretakers were pulling fleas off of her after a flea bath. My wife and I met Foggy at Town and Country Animal Hospital and felt we could give her the special home she needed. She was named Foggy for numerous reasons: the Carl Sandberg poem about the "Fog coming in on little cat feet," the fact that she was grey and lower to the ground, and she seemed "foggy on the brain" because she would chase her tail in order to catch it.

We learned that Foggy was found in an abandoned apartment near the ISU campus. One of her littermates was missing his front paw, and Foggy was missing her back. We also noticed that Foggy's front arm only extended half of its length. After an x-ray, it was revealed that Foggy's elbow joint was crushed and her pelvis had previously been broken in three spots. It seemed likely that someone tightly held her in the air, and sliced off her foot-in so doing, crushing her elbow. Upon her reaction to the cut, Foggy was thrown to the ground, which broke her pelvis.


Our other cat was not welcoming, but made some adjustments with time. Foggy used her tail as if it was a rudder. She needed to drag it on the floor to maintain her balance. With time, she began picking up her tail and could even hold it up high. She is a shy one, spending most of her time on our bed. She hides in between mattresses on the daybed when a visitor is present. She hides when she hears shoes, unfamiliar men's voices, or loud noises outside. Each year, she spends more time with us downstairs and getting closer to us. She loves to be held but becomes nervous after about two minutes. On rare occasions, she will sit on our lap or lay on us. Most of the time she stays on our pillow or sits next to us on the couch. Because of her history, she is afraid of strangers, as many of our friends and family members have never physically seen her. Our neighbor has the honor of seeing her in the window as she watches squirrels, snow fall, or leaves tumble in the yard.

This precious princess finds the spot on the couch or bed with the most covers and claims it as hers. She rarely meows. She tries to play but sometimes has difficulty maintaining her balance.


She does not realize she is missing a foot as she regularly makes a motion with her leg and a slight meow to show us she needs her ear scratched. With limited jumping ability, we have set-up benches around the house for her to use to climb on the bed or window areas.

She has developed a very unique personality. She flips on the floor and purrs when happy; she crawls under the covers to sleep in a ball; she seeks our blankets and surrounds herself with warmth; she watches television so much that we have purchased cat videos that she enjoys; and she will purr at the sight of us, sometimes not even waiting to be petted. Many mornings, just before the alarm is about to wake me, Foggy walks over and nestles by my face or meows to wake me.

She is not as "civilized" as we would hope after living with us for nearly ten years, as an unattended plate with any food remains is too tempting for this little treasure. Once she was dragging a chicken drumstick across the floor. Another night, she snuck a jalapeno pepper ring off a pizza. Strangely, this did not curb her attraction to people food so we always guard our dinner.

Name of Pet:Foggy
Type of Pet:Fantastic Feline
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   10 years as of August 2004, adopted as a kitten
Month / Year Adopted:August 1994
Name of Pet at HSCI:We don't believe she had a name as she was a new arrival.  


Sadly, Foggy battled kidney failure and renal failure. It was necessary to put Foggy to sleep in December 2010. Foggy was with the adopter for 16½ years or so. For a three-legged cat that was abused and abandoned, Foggy did very well. Foggy will be missed.