Humane Society of Central Illinois
SamSun Simba

SamSun and Simba

When my previous cat had to be put to sleep, I thought I could wait awhile to grieve. That lasted 5 days. I went to the MCHS (now known as HSCI) to meet adult cats and fell head over heels in love. SamSun, then known as Stripes, is a total love, soft spoken, gentle, agreeable, part Maine Coon breed. Simba, on the other hand, is a very sturdy bright orange striped fur person with orange eyes, a rotten disposition and a wicked temper, but a total gentleman when he feels like it and on his terms.

Since they both came from single-pet homes, I wasn't sure how they would do together. I think being stuffed into separate carriers and coming to a new home at the same time kept the trauma at bay. They were new to each other and new to the house, so it was equal footing. From time to time we have a territorial issue. SamSun, though somewhat smaller, rules, letting Simba know who's really the boss.

They both have health insurance and a good relationship with their vets. They both definitely make my house a home, with cat hair a decorating accent!

Name of Pets:SamSun and Simba
Type of Pets:Cats
Gender of Pest:Males
Age of Pets at Adoption:   Both are 6 years old  
Month / Year Adopted:February 1999
Name of Pets at HSCI:Stripes and Simba