Humane Society of Central Illinois


In August of 2002, my family visited HSCI to adopt a dog (puppy) after losing our beloved Buddy. I wanted this cute calm border collie puppy. My daughter, then 2, was scared of the puppy. Of course we had to pick one that she liked. She picked a very wild 8 month old aussie/german shepherd mix name Zoë. She was crate trained but that was it. My husband, gave me 2 years to turn her into a good dog.

It took a couple of months to find a training facility and get signed up. Zoë dragged me to the class every week. We went through basic obedience twice, intermediate obedience twice, tricks class and now ongoing agility. We can’t wait for Flyball class to start. We look forward to going to class every week. Zoë cheers on all the other dogs. Of course, first she has to greet everyone (dogs) when she gets there. She is off lead sometimes during agility. The greatest accomplishment was the STAY command. She use to jump on me when I would say STAY. Now, I can tell her to STAY, drop the lead, walk out 6-10 feet and turn my back. With the help from 4 R Dogs, formerly Downstate Dog Training, Zoë has become a very good dog and lovable family member. My husband told someone in June of this year that Zoë is a good dog. He recommended to them to adopt a pet from HSCI. I guess in his opinion, Zoë turned into a good dog within 2 years.

Zoë and I go out every morning for a run or walk. We have taken her to car shows and my daughter's ball games. She always was well behaved.

Zoë follows me around the house. If I’m in the kitchen, she is in the middle of the floor. She lies next to the shower door when I’m in the shower. If I’m outside working in the yard, she doesn’t stray too far from me. Sometimes I have to move her in order to get some work done. If I’m in the garden, she sits right outside the garden gate waiting for me.

Zoë is so affectionate; she will give hugs and kisses when I ask for them. Zoë loves people and other dogs. Zoë loves to play with the tennis ball. She is a great guard dog. No one can walk up to the house without her knowing about it. She is definitely a house dog. She doesn’t like the hot weather.

With time, love, patience and training, any dog can be turned into a good family member!

Name of Pet:Zoë
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   2½ years
Month / Year Adopted:August 2002  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Zoë

Staff Note:

Zoë was adopted as a 3 month old pup but returned to HSCI when the family thought she was too much for the kids and needed more attention. It is not uncommon for people to want puppies and then discover they are more work than they expected. HSCI highly recommends training not only for dogs but for people too.

This is a great story as it shows that animals require work and dedication and then they will blossom!