Humane Society of Central Illinois
Chinny Chinny


Fifteen years ago my family decided to get a cat. Okay, not all of us decided, just my mom and I. My father had recently been forced to retire due to failing health and was spending a lot of time at home. I had just finished college and off to make my way and the nest was finally empty. We were concerned about how isolated my father had become, and thought a cat would be perfect company. A friend from work told me about a wonderful cat in a MCHS foster home, as they didn't have a shelter back then. So on a sunny spring afternoon I found myself sitting on the floor waiting to hold the newest member of our family. I was soon presented with a beautiful orange and white cat named Chinless. Yes, you read correctly, Chinless. His name came from an unfortunate argument with a car. During this scrape, Chinless lost most of his lower lip, many of his front teeth, and broke a leg as well. He was and still is a sweet and cuddly boy, despite all of his physical problems. We took him home a few days later and christened him Harry Carey the Chinless cat, because of the late Cubs announcer, and eventually he just became Chinny.

Dad and his "baby" spent their days together and as they healed we could see the changes in both. My father began to tend his garden and enjoy life more, and Chinny became a truly devoted companion to both my parents. Mom also changed, she was less worried and once again had someone to feed and pamper. Phone calls to home were filled with the latest amusing cat stories. Over the years things changed very little for Chinless, and when I returned home to take care of my ailing mother 11 years ago I was an outsider, not worthy of attention or affection. Unfortunately life changed and after mom's death, the little cat once again helped my dad heal. Their bond became even stronger and once again I was the intruder. When my dad's time finally came 6 years ago, Chinny's life changed once again. With time, we have both adjusted and even bonded to each other. Instead of being the center of my parent's world he now dominates mine. Even though he shares my home with other animals, he is still the king of the castle. He's even come to love the dog. My parents didn't leave me much, just a silly little chinless cat, but having Chinny in my life has made me a millionaire!

Name of Pet:Chinny
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   1 year estimated  
Month / Year Adopted:1989
Name of Pet at HSCI:Chinless