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Hedgie & Lady

Photos by Kerry P. Kelly of Animal Instincts

Lady Hedgie

Hedgie & Lady

I adopted Hedgie the first day of November in 2003. I immediately fell for the sweet looking terrier mix and have found her to be a wonderful companion and joyous creature. Hedgie had a great start on life. Because she was so young, she was fostered by Amanda, one of the wonderful staff members at the shelter, and was beautifully socialized. She is very friendly with other dogs, cats, rabbits, adults and children, and has never met someone she didn't consider to be her new best friend (including a possum last Christmas!). The owner of the daycare Hedgie attends frequently uses Hedgie to help new attendees feel comfortable and to ease them into the group.

I adopted Lady on the last day of January in 2004. Lady and Hedgie couldn't have been any more different in temperament when I first met Lady. Lady came from a rescue situation where the pets lived their whole life in a dark, filthy basement with several other dogs that never went outside. The dogs slept on a cold, wet concrete floor surrounded by urine and feces. The pets did not have names and they were afraid of everything and everyone. Although Lori, one of the volunteers at HSCI, worked with Lady extensively, Lady was absolutely terrified of people and new situations when I adopted her. When Hedgie and I first met Lady, we went into a visiting room together with Val (another wonderful staff member). We sat together for 30 minutes with Lady sitting in the middle of the room, shivering without ever looking directly at me. She rebuffed Hedgie's attempts to say Hi until late in our visit. When she followed Hedgie over to me to sniff me, I knew it could work.

Having Hedgie to imitate has made all the difference with Lady. Hedgie is the bold one, always checking out new people and situations. When Lady realizes no lightning has struck Hedgie, she moves forward to check things out for herself.

Although Lady is still very shy with new people and dogs, she has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last year. She is now straining at the leash to get into daycare to play with the other dogs, and tends to be pretty pleased to see her favorite groomer as well. While Hedgie used to always be the aggressor in their play together and used to make all the noise, Lady now chases Hedgie around our home and barks at Hedgie when Hedgie is slow to play.

It's difficult to remember what life was like before I adopted the girls. They have definitely completed my family.

Name of Pets:Hedgie and Lady
Type of Pets:Dogs
Gender of Pets:Females
Age of Pets at Adoption:   6 months and 2 years
Month / Year Adopted:November 2003 and January 2004  
Name of Pets at HSCI:Hedgie (Glory) and Lady

Staff Note:

Hedgie and Lady's pet guardian has been modest in her story. Hedgie and Lady have a fantastic home where they are very loved and admittedly, spoiled. They are treated to regular grooming and photo appointments. She often brings the girls to HSCI for visits and shares pictures with the staff of Hedgie and Lady. Hedgie and Lady may have had rough starts, but they are now treated as royalty.