Humane Society of Central Illinois
Winston Winston


Hi, this is Winston. I wanted to write to all of my old friends and let them know how I am doing. Although I miss all of you who took good care of me, I am really happy to be in a home of my own. I have my own bed (actually, I have choices of beds but I really like to lay in the sun in front of the fish tank). I have lots of other dogs who like me here and we love to play together, especially Rick, my German Shepherd friend. I am feeling like a new pup again lately. My new mom and dad took me to have the Shar-Pei eye surgery I should have had a long time ago, and now I can see!  I had to walk around with this funny plastic cone on my head for a while, but it was worth it. I also got my teeth cleaned so my breath is minty fresh. With a lot of work I am finally seeing (and hearing) just like new...well, almost. I have enclosed some pictures of me I thought you might like. Take care, and thanks again to all of you who spent so much time with me. My new parents love me!

Winston the Shar-Pei

PS:  These pictures were from before my surgery, I will send more pictures later so you can see my new eyelids!

Name of Pet:Winston
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   8 years
Month / Year Adopted:October 2004  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Winston

Health Note:

Our adoption staff during a follow-up report found out that Winston had a few teeth removed and his skin/coat was doing much better.

Staff Note:

HSCI works with many reputable breed rescue groups in the midwest. Winston benefited from our relationship with RASP (Rescue a Shar-Pei). Winston's family has two dogs and had recently lost a Shar-Pei to cancer. They loved the qualities of the breed and were willing to work with his medical issues. They are a special family that was able to give him the help and love he needs.

HSCI often does have full-breed dogs and cats available. We encourage people to adopt from us or work with one of the rescue groups we have experience with. The rescue groups offer a great alternative for pets that are older and/or have health problems (often the case with breeding). After all, Winston was 8 years old, missing an ear, and had problems with his sight, hearing and skin. Many times, rescue groups will have a waiting list of experienced homes that can tackle these issues a little easier.

If you are interested in adopting a specific breed, we advise you to:

  1. Research the breed. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Learn the common behaviors of the breed and health problems associated with the breed.
  2. Put in an application with us. You can indicate if you are looking for something specific. Our pet population changes often and we will try to contact you if there is a match. (comment:  small dogs and puppies are high in demand)
  3. Ask us for a rescue reference. Some breed rescues we know very well. Often we can make a recommendation. You can also search for groups online by using with the name of the breed and the word rescue.
  4. Because of pet overpopulation, we don't endorse the use of breeders or pet stores. If you insist on using a breeder, please research the breeder thoroughly and check references. There are excellent breeders but there are many who may be more financially rather than health-motivated.