Humane Society of Central Illinois


I adopted Sammy two weeks ago from the Humane Society. I am not sure of his prior story. He has adapted great to his new home. I have two other cats that are now accepting him and playing with him. He jumps on to our cat Fluffy's back to make her scream and take a ride  :-)

He is very thankful to have a warm home and people who love him. You can just tell the difference when it is an adopted animal. Even my husband comes home from work and plays with the little guy, then he falls asleep on him after he is worn out from playing.

Besides spilling a few drinks, and climbing up the screen door and hanging there, everything has been wonderful. He is such a cute, and loving kitty. We are very glad to have him in our home.

Name of Pet:Sammy
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   3½ months  
Month / Year Adopted:April 2005
Name of Pet at HSCI:Felix

Staff Note:

HSCI often receives calls asking if we have kittens. Pretty much throughout the summer, we have many kittens available all the time.

HSCI has long promoted spay/neuter because of the tremendous cat pet overpopulation problem. There are many more cats needing homes than what are available. A spay/neuter in the spring prevents a litter in the summer or fall. Cats can reproduce at a very young age and often. If you know of an unspayed pet, please encourage the owner to be responsible by spay/neutering. Don't worry, we won't run out.