Humane Society of Central Illinois
Princess & Electra

Princess & Electra

Just wanted to drop everyone at the HSCI a note and a big thank you. I adopted Princess and Electra several weeks ago.

I came in to HSCI knowing I wanted to adopt two cats, but didn't expect to find my "girls" so quickly. I can't believe they had been at the society since last fall; they are so lovable!  I encourage anyone adopting to especially consider those animals that need to be adopted together. When it comes down to it, two animals are no more work than one, plus they'll have someone to keep them company during the day.

I so enjoy coming home and opening the door to two such lovable and inquisitive faces. Every day brings a new surprise, and every day I'm so glad that I was lucky enough to bring both Princess and Electra home.

Name of Pets:Princess and Electra  
Type of Pets:Cats
Gender of Pets:Female
Age of Pets at Adoption:   Approx. 2 years
Month / Year Adopted:February 2006
Name of Pets at HSCI:Princess and Electra

Staff Note:

Pairs often wait much longer for a home. It is not uncommon for those giving up a pet to give up multiple pets at once. If the pets can be adopted separately, HSCI will do so to improve their chances of adoption and shorten their time waiting for a home. Some, like Princess and Electra, have lived their entire lives together and are obviously fond of one another. In those instances, we keep the pets together during their stay at HSCI and only consider homes that can add both members to their family.