Humane Society of Central Illinois

Anya & Kuma

We first met Anya at the Cause for Paws 5K Run/Walk in '02 at the State Farm Illinois Regional Office. We were there walking a different dog (a very cute black dog named Bruce), who we believe met his adopter at the race. However, I must admit I abandoned my spouse to walk with Trinity and Claire, an HSCI employee, and discussed if she thought Trinity would make a good running buddy and such.

Trinity was a bit of a handful. We came back multiple days in the month following walking her and the dog in her buddy group, Ceilo. She was always a handful, but very smart and interested in everything going on around her.

Two weeks before we closed on our house, Ceilo was adopted. We were very disappointed as we had planned on adopting both dogs. However, we decided we would still get Trinity and find another dog when we saw one we thought would get along with all of us. A week before we closed on the house, Ceilo was returned to the shelter. He had chased the adopter's cat and was back to find a new home. We filled out all of the paper work to be approved to adopt the animals, and the day after we closed on our house, we went to pick up supplies and on to HSCI to pick up the dogs.


Both dogs have been a lot of work Kuma (Ceilo) was initially wary of most strangers and will still occasionally growl at a select few. Anya (Trinity) does not get along well with very many other dogs and will pull and bark when she sees them on walks. However, they both have a happy home here. Kuma is a big lover and follows me where ever I go around the house. Anya is more aloof and independent, but it just makes the times she chooses to cuddle with you that much more special. Both dogs still love wrestling (mostly with each other) and playing with squeaky toys!

Thanks for making such great pets available!

Name of Pets:Anya and Kuma
Type of Pets:Dogs
Gender of Pets:Females
Age of Pets at Adoption:   1½ years
Month / Year Adopted:October 2002
Name of Pets at HSCI:Trinity and Ceilo  

Staff Note:

This couple was rare in that they were looking for two dogs, one specifically as a running companion. They found both pets that matched their lifestyle and each other at HSCI. Being a volunteer at HSCI helped them get to know our pets and find the right companions.

We want to applaud their devotion to training. Both dogs had different issues to overcome...some normal puppy behavior, others fear-related. This couple realized the value of training. They read books, sought advice, took classes and worked diligently on proper behaviors and overcoming fears. It takes patience but is well worth the effort.