Humane Society of Central Illinois


My name is Buck, but you might remember me as Buster. I arrived at the HSCI Pet Adoption Center mid-October 2006. It was a bit scary at first, because at 3 years old, all I'd known was living outside in a dog house. But I soon met many new friends of the 2-legged and 4-legged variety. Everyone paid lots of attention to me and took me out for walks and told me what a good boy I was. There was one lady in particular who came in every weekend to visit me and my kennel buddies. She spent a lot of extra time with me and let me sit in her lap. I just knew she was the one for me!  It didn't take long to convince her that an older dog (me!) would make the perfect family addition and I charmed her with my personality.

I've only been with my new family since Thanksgiving, but I feel like I've lived there my whole life. I've impressed everyone with my calmness, good manners, and playfulness. I walk on a leash like a pro and they can't believe how high I can jump when I get really excited!  My new vet says I'm in good shape, but need to gain a few pounds. I go for long walks almost every day and am meeting neighbors and making new friends. Christmas is right around the corner, but I feel like it's already here. I love my new family almost as much as they love me.

Name of Pet:Buck
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   2 years
Month / Year Adopted:November 2006  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Buster