Humane Society of Central Illinois
Jynx & Casper

Jynx & Casper

I thank God for the volunteers and facilities for animals before they are adopted into their permanent homes.

I am currently an ISU student who has not seemed to find a roommate, as all my friends have either graduated or attending other colleges. This past summer, I moved into a one bedroom apartment, only to find that I longed for companionship. I decided to look into a companion animal and found myself looking in the cat room at the Humane Society. I arrived hoping to find an adult cat, knowing that they are the hardest to place in homes, however, did not find a cat that seemed to fall in love with me. It wasn't until one of the volunteers introduced me to Jynx (Fletcher) that I realized love at first sight really does happen. Of course, when Casper caught my eye as the smallest, but most active kitten in the room, I couldn't leave without him as well.

The two boys now have the run of the apartment. Each one is spoiled rotten and love playing with a variety of toys. While they are sometimes lazy, sleeping wherever they please, they also find themselves running around and acting like brothers. Jynx has the loudest purr while Casper is silent but loving. Out of the two, Casper loves my lap. Before they arrived, I had a hard time waking up for work in the wee hours of the morning, but now I find myself waking up to lots of kisses from them both. I wonder how I got through the first few months in the lonely apartment without them. They have really motivated me to living each day just by waking up with the unending love and attention they give.

Update: Jynx and Casper have moved into a larger apartment and settled in fast. Their mom and dad spoil them rotten!  They are also happy to welcome a new brother, Bear, into the family. Bear started out as a foster kitty who ended up with a permanent home. Jynx quickly became the best of friends with Bear and are now inseparable!

Name of Pets:Jynx and Casper
Type of Pets:Cats
Gender of Pets:Male
Age of Pets at Adoption:   7 months and 4 months  
Month / Year Adopted:October 2006
Name of Pets at HSCI:Fletcher and Casper