Humane Society of Central Illinois
Lohla Lohla


I adopted Lohla in September of 2006. Lohla had recently arrived at HSCI, and she had been in an aquarium with 20 other hamsters that we are pretty certain were her babies. Lohla was the only adult, and all of the other hamsters were only a couple of weeks old. Lohla was separated from the babies and placed in a small cage when she was brought to HSCI.

At first I was looking the babies. My mother and I were talking about how cute the babies were. Then I ventured over and saw Lohla!  She was VERY skittish though she didn't bite. First my mom tried picking Lohla up and she ran, but after a few minutes she allowed me to pick her up. She was very timid. We decided to take her home and I placed her in her new cage, and even though she was still skittish she was very sweet and social. Lohla didn't know how to run in her wheel so I put her in it and started rolling it, and after that she was addicted!

Well, a few months later and she is well adjusted and FAR from skittish!  If she hears you coming in the room, she hangs from the top bars of her cage wanting out. The only cares in her life include peanut butter seed ball, undivided attention, and her beloved wheel. She is loved by my whole family including visitors. She is one special hamster!

Name of Pet:Lohla
Type of Pet:Hamster
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   Unknown
Month / Year Adopted:September 2006  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Taffy