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Bailey & Bandit Bailey & Bandit

Bailey & Bandit

Our family was planning to adopt for some time when we came to HSCI. We had looked at shelters for awhile, but no one seemed to say they wanted to go home with us.

When we walked into HSCI, the office staff was wonderful in accommodating our needs. We rented at the time, so we had a weight limit to work with, and needed an approval from our landlord. They showed us to the kennels and there she was, Bailey (Precious), in the first kennel with eyes that sparkled. We took her out into the fenced areas and played tug and tennis ball for what seemed like hours. She was exactly what we were looking for!  We knew we had to adopt her. Waiting to be approved was the longest 24 hours I can remember!  She came home that next morning. She knew she was home from the minute she walked in the door.

After a few months we felt we were ready to expand our family and adopt another four legged child. We again looked to HSCI for guidance. Enter Bandit (Wylie) a little papillon with a huge personality. After much discussion, we brought Bailey to HSCI to visit Bandit and get an experts opinion on whether they could be siblings. They ignored each other at first, but then became fast friends. We took Bandit home the next day and could not be happier with our children. Thank you for helping to make our family complete!

Name of Pets:Bailey and Bandit
Type of Pets:Dogs
Gender of Pets:Female and male
Age of Pets at Adoption:   1 year and 1½ years
Month / Year Adopted: March and August, 2005 
Name of Pets at HSCI:Precious and Wylie