Humane Society of Central Illinois

Klondike, Nestle, Oreo, Bacardi, Midori, Kahlua, Ginger, Jack, Di, Gloria, & Jeanie!

Guinea Pig Family Klondike Ginger Pals Nestle The Girls Oreo

Our cavy family started with one lonely disabled pig purchased from a pet store. We did not know at the time that HSCI also had small animals and birds available for adoption. The more we learned about guinea pigs, we learned how social they are. We were off to HSCI to look for a buddy. We did not see anyone at the time, but later that week there was a dog wash that our humans took our older dog sister too. There were several dogs, cats and small animals available, Mom fell in love with Klondike who was sitting on the raffle table and knew he was meant to be in our family. He was adopted in July 2005. He is also the handsome pig on the HSCI website. We have a celebrity in our family!

We brought our Cadbury in to meet his new adopted friend. After a bit of rumbling and sniffing, they settled down and shared a carrot. A few weeks later, mom went back to make a donation, and stopped in the small animal room. She saw two very handsome long-haired (Peruvian) brothers. Nestle and Oreo (who were named Jake and Elwood at HSCI). Cavies are naturally herd animals, so we adopted them into the family. We looked online for the best way to house them and found out that pigs need thirteen square feet of room to adequately run and play!  We started a building project and soon the boys lived together in relative harmony. The boys were adopted in August 2005.

Mom fell in love with 3 girls who had been in several homes only to be returned to the shelter. Bacardi, Midori and Kahlua (Carri, Letti, and Cabbi) were added to the family. We had the boys fixed so all the kids could run together with no worries of pregnancy.

Next on the adoption list is Ginger (Lydia). She came into the shelter with a few of her siblings. She was the result of two pet store pigs who were mis-sexed. She joined our family in November 2005.

Our humans decided to foster a few pigs for the Humane Society until they were ready to be adopted. Jack and Di were originally born at the shelter in November 2004. We took them home in November 2005. We fostered them with two beautiful girls that came in around the same time; Gloria and Jeanie. Their potential adopter decided they did not want them, so we decided to adopt them as we had grown very fond of them.

That is our family in a nut shell!  Like potato chips, you can never have enough guinea pigs!  (as long as there is enough time and money to support them!)

Name of Pets:Bacardi, Midori and Kahlua  
Type of Pets:Guinea Pigs
Gender of Pets:Female
Age of Pets at Adoption:   Adult
Month / Year Adopted:June 2005
Name of Pets at HSCI:Carri, Letti, and Cabbi
Name of Pet:Klondike
Type of Pet:Guinea Pig  
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   Adult
Month / Year Adopted:July 2005
Name of Pet at HSCI:Acorn

Name of Pets:Nestle and Oreo
Type of Pets:Guinea Pigs
Gender of Pets:Male
Age of Pets at Adoption:   Adult
Month / Year Adopted:August 2005
Name of Pets at HSCI:Jake and Elwood  
Name of Pets:Ginger, Jack, Di, Gloria and Jeanie  
Type of Pets:Guinea Pigs
Gender of Pets:Male and female
Age of Pets at Adoption:   Young
Month / Year Adopted:November 2005
Name of Pets at HSCI:Lydia, Jack, Di, Gloria and Jeanie