Humane Society of Central Illinois
Cadbury, Sydney & Honey

Cadbury, Sydney & Honey

When Cadbury's life mate Hershey passed away, he was devastated. We knew we needed to find a special girl to help fill the big void in his heart. We knew we needed to look for a special girl as Cadbury only has 3 legs and was a wonderful care taker of Hershey (who was also special needs). I just went to drop veggies off to the small kids at HSCI when I came across two beautiful ladies in the adoption room. I of course had to say hi and noticed Sydney (Nemo) was missing a majority of her hind toes. She was just the little girl I was looking for!  She was adopted with her sister Honey (Gizmo). Cadbury is now living the life of luxury again, with his two beautiful girls by his side!

Name of Pets:Honey and Sydney
Type of Pets:Guinea Pigs
Gender of Pets:Females
Age of Pets at Adoption:   3 years and 4 years  
Month / Year Adopted:May 2007
Name of Pets at HSCI:Gizmo and Nemo