Humane Society of Central Illinois
Gus Gus


When I saw Gus (Jay) on the HSCI website, I knew I had to come and meet him. I already have two guinea pigs and was looking for an addition to my guinea pig family.

Gus is a very friendly, playful little pig. He has adjusted well to life here and he always lets me know when he is ready to eat by standing on his food dish and wheeking like there's no tomorrow when he hears the fridge open.

He also enjoys a good chin rub. He will sit on the couch and just watch me typing on the computer. Sometimes, if I'm sitting on the floor and he's on the couch, he will prop himself up on my shoulders like, "Hey, whatcha doin'?"

He has a pretty spacious cage but he does like to get his exercise by running laps around his cage and using his food dishes as hurdles to jump over. It's like watching a mini guinea pig olympics.

Although he has a giant igloo to sleep in, he has taken to sleeping under the water bottle and sometimes even sleeping in the litter box!  He took very quickly to being litterbox trained. As of now, he uses it about 75% of the time but he's getting better.

Some people talk in their sleep, Gus is no different. Male guinea pigs have a kind of "brrrr" motorboat sound that they make when they see another guinea pig. Gus makes this sound when he's asleep. So I like to think that he's dreaming about meeting a new guinea pig friend.

Many shelters don't house small animals but at the HSCI, I saw hamsters, rats, rabbits and of course, guinea pigs. A big thank you to the folks at HSCI for all the work they do, taking care of these animals until they find their forever home.

Name of Pet:Gus
Type of Pet:Guinea Pig  
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   1 year
Month / Year Adopted:June 2007
Name of Pet at HSCI:Jay