Humane Society of Central Illinois
Rosco Rosco


Rosco was adopted when he was only 10 weeks old. He was a pet to replace another cat who was put to sleep a day after Thanksgiving. Amanda was thrilled to get a kitten for she never really got a chance to experience it. We were told Rosco was a handful, but how hard can a kitten be to take care of? This kitten got into EVERYTHING. He loves food, mostly popcorn so our theory is that he was born behind a movie theater. We now have to keep any bread product on a high shelf for he will dig through plastic and rip it apart.

Rosco will watch you take a bath from the side and dangle his paws in. When someone takes a shower he will sit there chasing the water down the walls. He can't stand closed doors and will scratch to come in and be where the action is.

Rosco's latest thing is to carry a full toilet paper roll (which is heavier and 3 times the size of his head) down the stairs with his mouth stretching to reach the inner hole and outer layer of the paper.

We love him and can't imagine life without him. His personality brightens our day.

Name of Pet:Rosco
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   10 weeks
Month / Year Adopted:June 2006  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Freddie