Humane Society of Central Illinois


Hello. We had heard that some of you who had known Boone (Penzsky) had asked about him and we wanted to let you know about our success story. Boone came home with us in May of 2006 and everything just fit into place. He made himself at home pretty quickly and now seems to think (some days) that he has "the run of the place." He loves long walks or runs on the bike trail, which is near our home and he loves to play tug of war with his "Kong." He also loves to play with my nieces and nephews and gets along beautifully with the other dogs in our extended family and our neighborhood. He is elated when he gets to have doggie play dates.

Boone seems to have never known a stranger and truly seems the most happy when in the company of others. I think a few of my favorite things about Boone are his yawns (extremely loud and full of personality-wants everyone to know what he is doing), when he is in his "cuddle mood" and his true sense of loyalty to us both. We were told that he was rescued from Hurricane Katrina and we feel so fortunate to have had him come into our lives. My husband and I do not have children and Boone has definitely filled a space in our hearts!  He is a true friend and companion to both of us and I cannot imagine our home without him!  Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers for what you do for these animals and their current and future owners!

Name of Pet:Boone
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   2+ years
Month / Year Adopted:May 2006  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Penzsky