Humane Society of Central Illinois


We adopted Dover in May 2007 after visiting HSCI to make a donation. When we visited with Dover at HSCI we brought in our 13 year old chocolate lab, Cocoa, to make sure the "boys" got along well. Dover was really good with Cocoa given that Cocoa didn't get around too well anymore.

Dover is extremely well mannered. All of our neighbors are amazed that he's a "rescue dog" because he so sweet and well behaved. Dover is proof that not all rescued dogs come with behavior issues. He already knew sit and shake when we got him and was housebroken within 2 weeks.

Having Dover has been so much fun for our sons, age 5 and 7. He's playful and loves fetching sticks. He's also been a great reminder for our kids to keep their toys off the floor so he doesn't confuse his toys with theirs and chew something up (so far, we've only lost 1 McDonald's toy...I was thrilled!)

It was also therapeutic for us to have Dover as a part of our family when we had to make the painful decision put Cocoa to sleep. He had a wonderful 13.5 years, but Cushing's and cancer finally took their toll. Dover looked for Cocoa for a couple of days. Having him there with his silly, puppy antics helped all of us recover from our loss much quicker.

Thank you HSCI for your work.

Name of Pet:Dover
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   8 months
Month / Year Adopted:May 2007  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Dozer