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Andromeda & Stewie

I have always had a rabbit as a pet, from the time that I was sixteen until now (10 rabbits over the years). I travel a lot across the country, and wanted a rabbit companion to join me in my adventures. At age 43, I found my beautiful rabbit, Andromeda, on HSCI's webpage on I drove from South Dakota where I live to HSCI to adopt on August 8, 2007. When I took Andromeda out of her cage at HSCI and held her for the first time, I could see that we had an instant bond; we were both eager to meet one another and delighted to be together.

From HSCI, Andromeda and I continued our journey to Long Island, NY to visit my parents. I put Andromeda on my dad's lap, and she licked his hands. She eventually started to lick my hands, eyelids and proceeded to arrange my hair. She is an affectionate rabbit that loves attention. I can see that she enjoys her life as a house rabbit. She plays with her toys, races across the living room, jumps in the air and does twists (binkies-cute little bunny dances). She is also an excellent alarm clock; wakes me up every day a few minutes before the clock does. She is a wonderful companion, so devoted and loving. Thank you so much HSCI for Andromeda!

Name of Pet:Andromeda
Type of Pet:Rabbit
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   3 years
Month / Year Adopted:August 2007  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Andromeda


Andromeda is doing very well. I wanted a buddy for her, in hopes that she would overcome some of her shyness and to have company during the hours that I work each day. I did research on finding her a compatible buddy, and found that it is best to match rabbits of similar age. I took it one step further and tried to match size and color as well; and was careful to choose one with a mild personality. I went and found Stewie, a dwarf dutch, just a few ounces less than Andromeda at the Humane Society of Tiffin, Ohio. I adopted him on February 20, 2008.

As I drove across the United States once again, Andromeda was my excellent travelling companion, she rode in the front, and Stewie in the back; each had their own beds and litterpans in my truck. All three of us continued the ride to Long Island, New York to visit my parents. I kept each bunny in their own large rabbit ring that I made out of the sides of many cardboard boxes. These large rings were set up on comforters/sheets to keep the bunnies clean in the motels and at my parent's house. They enjoyed the ride and Stewie was an excellent traveller as well.

I kept both bunnies in separate parts of my house for about six months. During that time, Andromeda would sneak around the box barriers that I set up and would sit near the barriers blocking Stewie's room. It was fortunate that Stewie, like Andromeda trained himself automatically to the litterpan, and is a Mr. Clean as well. Eventually each bunny got the scent of one another and got to see one another around the box barriers. One afternoon, Andromeda snuck in to see him, and he pushed around the barriers, and both rabbits spent time together in the neutral room that once separated both. They sniffed one another and later layed down a few inches from one another. I really recommend the website to anyone who has a rabbit as a pet. They really explained how to choose and introduce rabbits to one another, and it worked like a charm. We took it very slow, easy and cautious, since I did not want any "fur to fly." These two compliment one another in personality as well, both are very sweet and loving.

Andromeda washes Stewie's face each morning and each evening. He does the same for her, and both lay together. When I take Andromeda away from Stewie, for example to trim her nails or to brush her, he comes looking for her. Similarly, Andromeda will go looking for Stewie when he is not in sight of her as well. These bunnies are a wonderful bonded pair; they did the bonding all by themselves, and both are very happy in each other's company; they are dedicated to me as well.