Humane Society of Central Illinois
Rigby Rigby & Family


My husband, Jeff, myself, and our cocker spaniel, Simi, adopted Rigby on 1/23/2009. When we met him, he was in a state of constant shaking and was very scared and nervous. I believe he'd only been with you a few days but had obviously become attached to his caregivers. He warmed up to me after a few treats and immediately LOVED Simi but was a bit nervous about Jeff. We adopted him about an hour after meeting him. On the ride home, I sat in the back seat with him and after about 3 minutes of shaking, he fell sound asleep against my leg and never shook again.

Although scared of Jeff at first, Rigby spent all of the next day snoozing on the couch with him. He's a VERY sweet dog and was obviously in a house in his past. Five minutes within getting into our home, he'd jumped on every piece of cushioned furniture in our home, including the beds. He's taken over our couch as his main place of comfort. He's a very good listener and loves treats. I often wonder who loved him in his past to make him so sweet, but also wonder who was mean to him to make him so scared and nervous. Rigby still hides when new people come over or he hears a strange sound.

He's still adjusting to the name "Rigby" but definitely knows the term "good boy" and his little tail shakes like crazy whenever we say it. Simi was indifferent about Rigby at first but they went to the groomer together on Rigby's 4th day with us and they bonded. I don't know what happened while they were there but they rode home together in the front seat and it was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen. There aren't enough positive words to express how happy we are to have Rigby and how much we love him already. We are very grateful that Jeff's sister and your volunteer, Peggi, let us know that Rigby was at your shelter. He's exactly what we were looking for and I truly believe that we are exactly what he needed.

Thank you so much for all the good you do!

Name of Pet:Rigby
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   4½ years
Month / Year Adopted:January 2009  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Rigby