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Nora Lynn

One of our recently-adopted cats wanted to tell us how she is doing in her new home!

Dear Humane Society Family,

I am sorry I haven’t written, but I have been very busy getting used to my new home. My new mommy and daddy love me very much and say I am a “perfect fit” for their home. When I got here, I got my own bedroom with big windows, a big bed, and my own litter box, food dish, and water bowl. I didn’t have to share with ANYONE!!! The door was shut, so the only time I had company was when mommy or daddy came in to see me. I suspected I was being kept in there for a reason, and then one day, I heard scratching at the door, and a big orange cat got my door open. Mommy and daddy were gone, and I don't think he was supposed to come into my room, so I did what any strong-willed female would do...I kicked his butt!

He's a little afraid of me, now. Ha ha. So anyway, this is my new brother, Cedar. Mommy and daddy figured since we had all been introduced, it was safe to keep the door open, so I got to explore my new house.

Then one day, mommy put me in a box with a door, and took me for a car ride. I got to meet a guy named Dr. Bleem, and I didn't like him so much. He poked and prodded me, and took blood out of my arm. He told mommy he knew I was spayed, but he still squeezed my belly to see if there were kittens in me. I'm not sure what he meant, but he told mommy I need to lose weight and sold her some gross food. Good thing there are other cats in my new home, so I can eat all their yummy food instead!  Mommy says I would eat her arm if she would let me. I’m so insulted!  But back to Dr. Bleem... then he took me to a lady named Chris and she put me a bathtub and then she brushed out that big blob of fur that had grown on my chest. I lost a lot of hair, but boy, do I feel better. She cut my nails, and shaved a little fur away from my bottom, and I feel like a new woman!  When I got home, I finally met my other brother, Murphy.

He had been hiding, but decided to be brave and introduce himself. I did what any strong–willed female would do-I slapped him a few times to show him who is boss. That made mommy mad. She said I have to be nice to him, because he is "special needs". He's always running into me, so I just thought he was dumb. I mean, come on, doesn't he see me standing right there? Then I learned a new word...blind. So I’m trying to be nicer to him, because I don’t like it when mommy says, "No, Nora."

I forgot to tell you...when mommy brought me home from Dr. Bleem's house, she gave me a new toy that she had bought there. She said a pretty girl like me needed a pretty pink toy. So I did what any strong-willed female would do-I tore it up.

Guess that pink catnip mouse knows who is boss, too!!

When mommy and daddy are at work I spend my days relaxing in my new home. I eat for a while. Then I beat up my brothers. Then I eat a little more. Then I beat up my brothers. Then I eat a little more, beat up my brothers, and play with the million toys around this joint. I can't believe how many toys are here!  Also, there is a big window with cool creatures outside, so I entertain myself watching them.

Since this is right by the food and water bowls, I'm obligated to eat a little more. This diet thing just isn't working for me!  Mommy says she is going to get yelled out by that Dr. Bleem guy, but I'm not too worried, as long as I get to eat!  Man, I love this place!

I miss you guys, but I am really loving my new life. Mommy and I still look on the website, and we are happy that Cloe found her forever home. We also saw that Mufassa was adopted. YAY!!!  Mommy wants to give that family a big hug. She will continue encouraging people to come out and see all of you, because she is very grateful to all of you for bringing her new "baby girl" (that's me, she also calls me "Nora Snora, because she says I snore-I'm so insulted!), into her life. That's all for now; I need to go eat a little more and then take a nice long cat nap.

Love and kisses,
Nora Lynn

Name of Pet:Nora Lynn
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   Approx. 5 years  
Month / Year Adopted:January 2009
Name of Pet at HSCI:Nora