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Mufasa, Xander & Willow Willow & Mufasa

Mufasa, Xander & Willow

Hello Everyone,

Mufasa is doing wonderful!  He loves to go outside and chase Willow the half chow that we also adopted from the Humane Society. Mufasa has done so well it is amazing how he goes up and down the steps on his own and does not want any help. He likes to do things on his own and loves hugs and attention. It is amazing how sweet he is after all he has been through.

When we first brought Mufasa home he kept his head low to the ground and moped around a lot. Within a week he was keeping his head up and running in the yard with our other two dogs. He may be a couple steps behind but it does not stop him one bit. He is so independent he would rather run around the fenced in yard on his own then be on the leash and rarely runs into anything. He loves being outside and laying in the grass.

It amazes us how many lives Mufasa has touched. Every time we take him out anywhere there is at least one person that comes up and asks us if he is Mufasa from the Humane Society. They often comment how happy he looks. Sometimes I swear I see him smile!

Thanks to everyone at the Humane Society that helped give Mufasa a chance for a happy home. He deserved it and we would not trade him for anything!

Name of Pet:Mufasa
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   4 years
Month / Year Adopted:March 2009  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Mufasa

Staff Note:

Mufasa has quite a history. As a young Chow, Mufasa had been found as a stray by a young man. Unable to properly care for him, and realizing that he should enjoy life as an inside family dog, Mufasa was released to HSCI. Mufasa arrived at our Adoption Center exhibiting obvious signs of the harshness he had endured in his three short years of life. His ears were bloody from a fly infestation but the major problem became clear as he slammed into large, visible objects. This dog was blind!  While waiting for adoption, an examination by a vet indicated that not only was he blind but that the pressure behind each eye was so high that the poor dog was in a great deal of pain. The only solution was to remove both eyes.

Following surgery and recovery, Mufasa was once again ready for placement with a family. As you can imagine, the adoption of a blind dog is almost always a challenge but it wasn't long before good fortune found this dog. A family had been closely watching Mufasa on our website and had spent a great deal of time researching how to care for a blind dog. With two dogs already in their household, they welcomed Mufasa into their home, and he quickly became accustomed to his new home and surroundings. Mufasa is now a happy family dog with a cocker spaniel and a mixed breed as canine companions. It took surgery and almost seven months to find his happy ending.

Mufasa was very popular at the Humane Society. Visitors to the shelter occasionally ask how Mufasa is doing. Before Mufasa was adopted he went on a big adventure to Uptown Normal, Downtown Bloomington, and Miller Park for an afternoon of adventure. He had a great time!