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Finnegan & Callaghan

Finnegan & Callaghan

When my boyfriend and I broke up, I let him keep our cat of three years, whom I had bottle-fed from a newborn. Hand-raised cats are notoriously mean toward people outside their human family and my kitty was no exception. Even though he behaved normally around my then-boyfriend and me, he was very much a one-person cat and eventually grew to prefer my boyfriend (who spoiled him badly!) over me. Not that he didn't still love his mommy, but he was a definite daddy's boy. My kitty was everything to me, but I did what was best for him when I gave him up. On the upside, the break-up was amiable and I could still visit my kitty whenever I wanted. On the downside, I missed having a cat around.

After about two months, I decided to get a new cat. I knew that adult cats have a harder time finding homes, so I visited HSCI with the intent of adopting an older cat. All of the cats in the Adult Cat Room were friendly and cute, but I just didn't seem to have the right connection with any of them. I had the same problem in the Kitten Room. All of the younger cats were adorable and had great personalities, but none of them seemed to be "my" cat. I was ready to leave when I saw an orange-and-white cat in one of the lower cages. I'd noticed him on the website and thought he was cute. The instant I lifted him into my arms, he clutched at my neck and began purring loudly. I had found my cat.


Finnegan (Stevey at HSCI) needed a little TLC, including a dose of ear-mite medicine and some tea tree oil to clear up acne on his chin, but he settled into his new home quickly. I was astonished by how affectionate he was. He loved to have his belly rubbed and would purr if I so much as looked at him. At a year old, he still had a lot of kitten in him and loved to bat around stuffed mice and chase balls. I thought he might benefit from a feline roommate since he was so energetic, so I went back to the Humane Society.

The staff encouraged me to find a cat that was similar in personality type to my other one and take it slowly when introducing them. On my first visit back, I fell in love with Callaghan (Avery at HSCI), a two-year-old, four-paw declaw. He was sweet and laid-back, and I was sure he would get along perfectly with Finnegan. Finnegan has all of his claws and I was a bit worried about adopting a declawed cat, but the staff assured me that the difference in claws would not be a problem.

I kept Finnegan and Callaghan in separate rooms for about a week, then began letting them out for supervised visits. Callaghan had no problem taking care of himself, and would turn on his heel and hiss to let the curious Finnegan know who was boss!  A week later, they had become fast friends and I could leave them alone together.


They love to sleep, eat, and wrestle together. They never fight. I've even put my hand out when they're wrestling to make sure Finnegan is not being rough and he always has his claws sheathed. Callaghan is more of a homebody than his rambunctious roommate. He loves to sleep on the bed and sometimes even buries himself under the covers. He also loves to be held and petted. Since he's so laid-back, it's hard to get him to play, and he'll usually only swat at something if I put it right next to his paws. However, he never turns down an opportunity to chase the laser pointer. Finnegan's favorite toy is a "fishing pole" with a long piece of leopard-print fabric attached. Sometimes he'll carry the fishing-pole toy into the bed in the middle of the night to try to get me to play with him!

My only problem now is that I want to adopt another cat. (But I think I'll wait awhile!) I am so happy I was able to find and adopt such wonderful cats, and I would encourage anyone visitor who's in the market for a feline to consider adopting an adult cat.

Thanks again to HSCI and its helpful staff and volunteers.

Name of Pets:Finnegan and Callaghan
Type of Pets:Cat
Gender of Pets:Male
Age of Pets at Adoption:   1 year and 2 years
Month / Year Adopted:September and October 2009  
Name of Pets at HSCI:Stevey and Avery