Humane Society of Central Illinois


I lost my cat of 17 years, and really wanted to get another kitten to fill in the emptiness that I felt after my cat passed away. At first I hesitated, thinking it was too soon, because it had only been a couple of months. I stopped by the Adoption Center several times to look at the cats and kittens, wanting so much to take them all home. As I sat in the kitten room, I watched as they played together and of course picking each one up and getting to know them. One in particular caught my eye, as he was on the go constantly, playing, so ambitious!  He was actually having the best time, and each time I would get ready to leave he would meow and want on my lap. Well, this broke my heart to leave then, but I was still undecided which one it would be.

Finally after the third visit and him constantly wanting on my lap, I knew King was the one!  He has brought so much joy, and happiness in our home. He is still tearing around the house, and loves to play. I am so glad I chose him and gave him a good home. He truly is, KING of this house!!

Name of Pet:King
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   7 months
Month / Year Adopted:September 2007  
Name of Pet at HSCI:King