Humane Society of Central Illinois
Harley Harley


I grew up in a home full of pets. We had everything from ducks and snakes to cats and dogs. My favorite pet growing up had been our Labrador Retriever named Andy. He was such a great dog and was always happy and friendly. He even seemed to know when I was upset and would come to just rest his head in my lap. When I was 13, Andy got cancer. After a few surgeries it was determined that nothing else could be done for him. My parents agreed to have him put down. The whole family was upset and I remember my mother and I just sobbing on the way home.

I am now grown and have my own family. My husband and I were talking about possibly adopting a dog for our two young sons. Of course, a labrador came to my mind right away. I started to check Petfinder daily for any labradors in the area. I found one at the Humane Society of Central Illinois and we decided to drive out and see how it went. Easter was a 6 year old labrador/golden retriever mix. When we walked up to his cage he kept his head down and wouldn't look up at us. We asked to see him in the visiting room and went in to wait for him. What a change being out of his cage made!  He came running in the room and was full of kisses for all of us!  My oldest son, Gabe, was so excited and wanted to take him home immediately. We went home that night and talked it over as a family and decided to go and visit Easter one more time. He was even happier to see us the second time around. We took him for a short walk and were sure that he was the dog for our family. We picked him up the next day. His name is now Harley and he is a huge part of our family.

Whenever one of our boys is upset or crying, Harley almost always beats me into the room. He checks on them in their rooms as they sleep every night before he settles down to sleep in the hallway between their rooms. Gabe even calls him his dog brother. I'm so glad we have Harley as a part of our family and would highly recommend adopting an older animal to anyone!

Name of Pet:Harley
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   5½ years
Month / Year Adopted:April 2009  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Easter