Humane Society of Central Illinois


Staff and visitors knew her as Monica, but now she is known to our loving family as Luna. We came to HSCI in July last year looking for a companion for our 2 year old Tom cat, Shadow, who adopted us about a year earlier as a stray. Knowing he is a turf protector, especially with other males, we sought out a female kitten, so they could grow up together in a non-competitive environment. Luna has been everything we ever wanted in a cat, and more. She is about ready to celebrate her 1st birthday, and she has grown into a gorgeous, sweet, and entertaining cat. She is at least part Maine Coon and has the most wonderful disposition. At HSCI she was shy, hiding herself in the back of the kennel or in the crook of our elbows. That only lasted about 2 days after bringing her home. Then the real Luna emerged!  She enjoys just hanging with us when were watching TV, or sitting on our laps while we're on the computer. She loves to be wherever people are, and especially adores Mommy's legs to sleep against. She keeps Mommy company during the day by following her from room to room "helping" make beds, fold laundry, and clean. She enjoys playing with cat toys, but loves playing hide & seek with her big brothers' and sister's human toys even more!  (We find select pieces of our leftover Monopoly game randomly repositioned around the house the next day, and she's even been known to help herself to rearranging some Legos, too.)

Luna frolics with Shadow during their early morning romps and they chase each other all around the house. Shadow and Luna are the best of friends and they are our best friends.

During our trip to HSCI, we fell in love with our little Luna, but also the Society, too. We were amazed at how many animals need good homes like ours, and what an incredible service HSCI provides to the animals of our community completely through donations and volunteerism. We have become a family volunteer group with HSCI so that we can help give the animals more of what they deserve.

Name of Pet:Luna
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   4 months
Month / Year Adopted:July 2009  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Monica