Humane Society of Central Illinois


My Kira died in December and I wasn't sure I could find a kitty that would be as loving as her. I was wrong. Thanks to the staff's help I found Glee. She is already making me smile. She's explored the house and is settling in well. Thanks to all of you who adopted her 10 beautiful kittens. I've named her Asha. It means lively in Arabic. Suits her to a 't'. I couldn’t have a more lovely valentine's gift.

Asha is a charmer. Her purring starts the moment you pet her. She is definitely living up to her name. My home is now filled with romping with her in the morning and snuggling with her as I fall asleep. The spring birds at the bird feeder outside my window is a new game for her. I'm sure everyone can imagine the whiskers twitching and that little squeak cats like to make when hunting. Each day she brings me another smile.

Name of Pet:Asha
Type of Pet:Cat
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   1 year
Month / Year Adopted:February 2010  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Glee