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Huey & Ruby

Hi everyone!

Our names are Huey and Ruby and this is our story. When we were a year old we came to HSCI from another shelter where we had lived since we were born. Some might say we were still living in a shelter because we came into the world dressed all in black, but we prefer to think we were just very discriminating about who we were going to choose to make our permanent home with!

Shortly after we arrived at HSCI we noticed that this older volunteer guy would occasionally come in and would always come into the kitten room where we were and would spend time with all the cats. Since we were always together he would stop and talk and play with us both at the same time. After a few visits we got to thinking this old guy might have some potential, so we did some investigating and we found out that he and his wife had been owned by cats before!  In fact one of their previous owners had been dressed all in black just like us, but sadly, the owner had passed away a few months ago at the age of 19 and the couple was still recovering from the loss. This was good news for us though because with their experience it meant that they would be easier to train!  So the next time we saw the old guy we asked him if he would bring his wife in so we could check her out. This was arranged and we had a pleasant visit as Huey was very charming and Ruby was captivating with her big gold eyes. Over the next few days we talked about the old couple and made our decision. The next time the old guy came in we told him we were ready to adopt him and his wife!  Not to our surprise the old couple agreed to our adoption proposal!  The HSCI staff handled all the paperwork to make everything official, and on a beautiful Saturday morning in early May, after spending the first 14 months of our lives in shelters, we moved to our permanent home.

We are providing some pictures taken during the first week in our new home to show how well we are adapting to our life style. From our two level condo in the sun room we can see birds, people walking dogs, birds, sometimes rabbits, birds, cars, birds, kids, birds...that is, when we aren’t sleeping. The other pictures? Well, we told the old guy there is plenty of room in the recliner for all three of us as long as he doesn’t stretch out too much and he just sleeps like we do!

PS: The "old couple" is very pleased to have been able to bring Huey and Ruby into our home. Having had cats that have lived to be 18 and 19 years old we look forward to sharing many happy years and adventures with Huey and Ruby. Please consider joining us in support of HSCI.

Name of Pets:Huey and Ruby
Type of Pets:Cats
Gender of Pets:Male Female
Age of Pets at Adoption:   14 months each  
Month / Year Adopted:May 2010
Name of Pets at HSCI:Huey and Ruby