Humane Society of Central Illinois
Belle & Skeeter

Belle & Skeeter

I adopted two dogs from HSCI over 10 years ago. Sadly both are gone now but well deserving of a "Success Story" article. I got Belle (Sidney at the shelter) in June of 1996 before HSCI had any actual facility. She was a gorgeous 3 month old terrier/corgi mix. Someone else actually was going to get to adopt her and I was devastated. For whatever reason the next day I got a call that she was available if I wanted her. I grabbed my mom and headed from Pontiac to Bloomington/Normal. She slept all the way home on "grandma's lap". She was my baby for 10 years.

We thought she needed a playmate so in March of 1998 we adopted another dog a beagle mix from HSCI's then new facility in Bloomington on Gill Street. Her name was Gidget but I renamed her Skeeter. Both dogs were the light of my life for the next decade and more.

Skeeter, Lady & Sydney

Belle developed epilepsy at age 2. She lived to be 10 years old when she died suddenly of a stroke. A year later we adopted two more beagles from the Livingston County shelter to keep Skeeter company. She LOVED them!  It was amazing how spry she suddenly got when a couple of puppies joined the family.

Skeeter had a heart murmur for most of her life but lived to be 13 years old. We lost her in August 2010. She died peacefully in her sleep. Both will be missed and I will always be grateful to your organization for allowing such great companions to join my household. I have included a photo of Belle and Skeeter and then another of Skeeter with the 2 puppies, Lady and Sydney (named after Belle's shelter name).

Name of Pets:Belle and Skeeter
Type of Pets:Dogs
Gender of Pets:Female
Age of Pets at Adoption:   3 months (both)
Month / Year Adopted:June 1996 and March 1998  
Name of Pets at HSCI:Sidney and Gidget

Staff Note:

Prior to 1996, we relied on foster homes and boarding at vet offices for our pets. We were very limited on how many pets we could help and adopt. We had an office with limited hours of volunteers that primarily handled phone calls. In October 1996 we opened our Pet Adoption Center at 3001 Gill Street, Bloomington. The facility was a dream of ours for many years. In June 2006 HSCI moved to our current location at 423 Kays Drive in Normal.