Humane Society of Central Illinois
Sidney Sidney


We were so sad when our beloved 14 year old German Shorthair Pointer, Maggie, died in late 2010. We had rescued her as a 1 year old pup from the Humane Society in Traverse City, Michigan, before moving here to Central Illinois. Her passing left a huge void in our family. We thought we'd like to find another dog to fill this void and thought an older dog would work. We have always been friends of HSCI and visited often over the years, so we thought we would start there and may find a dog we could adopt.

We were very excited when our daughter and granddaughter called and told us they had seen a Pointer at HSCI they thought we would be interested in seeing. We called to see if she was still available for adoption and she was. We went to visit her the next day. She was just beautiful, older and had a very easy way about her. This breed is similar to GSPs and likes to be active, but also knows how to relax (when given the opportunity). She reacted well to all of us.

We talked it over and decided to adopt her (good decision). We had her home for a week when the rest of the family came over to meet our newest family member. She has been a big hit with the grandchildren and friends ever since.

She is very personable, loves playing with all kids and for going for long walks and visiting new friends she meets in McGraw Park and the Dog Park in Normal. She walks an average of 4 miles per day except in really cold weather.

She has won our hearts and is indeed a good fit for joining our family. Rescue dogs know they have been saved by you and display a deep affection and love for you because of this. We are very happy with Sidney in our family.

Barbara & Tom

Name of Pet:Sidney
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   4½ years
Month / Year Adopted:January 2011  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Sidney