Humane Society of Central Illinois
Izzy Izzy


Last year, I got a fantastic birthday present. My husband decided to go with me to pick out a dog to rescue. I'd always wanted to rescue a dog, but knew it would be a hard decision. That day we visited different shelters and I was having a hard time being sure how I would know when we found the "right" one.

When we came to HSCI, I was impressed with the facility. Of the places we had visited, it was the cleanest and brightest. We were greated by friendly workers and volunteers. Touring the cages, there was a dog that really locked eyes with me and got my attention. She was bigger than I thought I would like and she was a short hair, which I was unfamiliar with. We took her on a walk and recognized her as a sweet girl with lots of energy and love of exploring. The shelter was getting ready to close, so I thought about it for a day. I came back to take her home the next Wednesday and she has been a constant source of love since. Of course, we had some transition days and some challenges, but everyone agrees, she is smart, friendly, sweet, athletic, and the best decision PAWS DOWN!  Thank you!  Our little family is richer for her, and I am so glad we came to HSCI!  Rescue dogs are diamonds in the RUFF!

Name of Pet:Izzy
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   1 year
Month / Year Adopted:November 2010  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Karma