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Tiffany & Michelle Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany & Michelle

Back in 2000, a friend contacted me to say that the HSCI rescued 18 Shih Tzus from a puppy mill and knowing I was looking for a companion for my Muffin since her buddy had passed away, that I should come over. So Muffin (a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix), my sister & I went to the Gill Street shelter. The first rescue we met was Polly, a brindle like Muffin but no "spark". Then they brought in a black & white Pookay & her kennel buddy, a silver gray Sylvia. Although Muffin was neutral to the pair, it was love at first sight - little Pookay was the spitting image of Sheena Mae in puppy size. The only problem was Sylvia - her buddy with that beautiful lion-like face of a Shih Tzu. I couldn't bear to separate them or choose between Sheena's "daughter" and the "pretty girl" - so both were adopted.

On the way home, our new girls picked out their new names - Sylvia (a name that reminded us of the character actress Sylvia Sydney) picked out Tiffany Nicole (she was definitely a Park Avenue girl). Pookay was first named Michelle Isabol, quickly became Mischief (Missy, for short) as she had the knack for getting herself or Tiffany into trouble - like garbage can raids, shoe chewing fests, leaving 'deposits' in the backseat of the car, leading the escape runs, etc. Muffin quickly warmed up to these youngsters (Muffin was 8 years old at the time, the "Bobbsey Twins" were approximately 8 months old) and the trio became a cozy little family. On our daily walks Mischief led the way, Tiffany bobbed from lead to rear and Muffin walked next to me. Bedtime was slumber party time with each girl having her own 'spot' to curl up in on my bed.

When Muffin passed away six years later, the Bobbsey twins were there to comfort me. Having been used to working as a trio, they welcomed my sister's Lakota Roxanne (another 'blonde' Shih Tzu) into their 'pack' and they became our Three Musketeers. Long walks, playing tag in yard, an occasional 'escape', and endless afternoons lounging in the Lazy-boy a lap full of lap dogs - it doesn't get better than this. Although my 'pretty girl' Tiffany has joined Muffin & Sheena in 2010, my little 'miracle' Mischief (as her vet calls her) is still hanging in there despite her high blood pressure, kidney failure and glaucoma - she is still howling like a wolf, curling up by my feet at bedtime, playing our little games and doing her 'hula' dances. My 'Bobbsey Twins' have been the best investment I have ever made and have given me more joy and memories than a vacation or purchase could ever give.

Name of Pets:Tiffany Nicole and Michelle "Mischief" Isabol  
Type of Pets:Dogs
Gender of Pets:Female
Age of Pets at Adoption:   8 months
Month / Year Adopted:April 2000
Name of Pets at HSCI:Sylvia and Pookay