Humane Society of Central Illinois
Rocky Rocky


Hello there!

I'm Rocky, formerly Rocco for the short time I was at the shelter. I was just a small pup when my family decided it was time to add me to their family. It was rough at first when I tried to make their first dog play with me, but I learned the ropes pretty fast. For a while, they had lots of fun playing the "guessing Rocky's breed" game. My sister thought weimaraner, my mom thought hound, and my daddy thought I was anything under the moon, including basset hound!  Boy were they surprised when the vet said I was most likely a Black Lab Great Dane mix!  Now I have extra-long legs and weigh in at a healthy 72 pounds. Not to brag, but it is all muscle!  My daddy spoils me rotten. I get to run and swim at a lake at least once a week for hours.

Every night, I get to snuggle on pillows next to my parents' bed. When I sleep downstairs, sometimes I sneak up on the couch, even though I know I'm not supposed to. I don't get in trouble for it, just laughed at!  I'm a very happy boy that loves to wag my tail and give lots of kisses. I am so glad I met all of my friends at the Humane Society that took care of me. I am especially thankful for Stephanie, who fostered me before I could go home, and Jenn who dog sat me while my family was away. I am also thankful for a nice house to live in, a yard to run around in, and toys to rip up- I mean PLAY with!  I know I mean the world to my family from my sisters who snuggle with me, my parents that take care of me and love on me, and my other sister Kelly, who takes me on nice walks and is writing this for me now, seeing as I don't have thumbs!  Thank you everyone for giving me a chance to be a great dog!  HSCI rocks!!!

With love, tail wags, and kisses,


Name of Pet:Rocky
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Male
Age of Pet at Adoption:   2 months
Month / Year Adopted:July 2010  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Rocco