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Precious & Sissy Precious & Sissy Precious & Sissy

Precious & Sissy

The moment I saw Precious and Sissy, I knew they were the right fit. I loved them from the moment I saw there fluffy fur and unique markings, and icy blue eyes!  One of the wonderful staff members allowed me to test the connection out in one of the private rooms, and luckily both cats took to me. They said they usually aren't this friendly with people, and were amazed. I was so blessed. I took a few days to make sure I was ready, and I came to pick them up later that week.

It has been two years since they have had a new home, and they have acclimated easily. The girls now live a few hours north at my family's home. The girls were able to be around another family cat named Chloe, and a dog named Queenie. Needless to say it was very wild and entertaining for us all in the beginning.

Precious has found a friend in Queenie, and Sissy has found a best friend in my father Roland. The girls play rambunctiously, and cuddle just as much. Sissy follows my father around, and even sleeps with him!  Precious loves technology, and does not let me on my mac without her being on my lap!  They also watch TV, and Precious is fascinated with the microwave... ha-ha!

The first night I took the girls home with me to my apartment in Normal, they leapt on me in the middle of the night to sleep. Precious took up the top half of me, and Sissy took the bottom, and they haven't stopped surprising me since. They are amazing cats, who love the water from the sink, jumping sky high, and taking care of one another!

Precious & Sissy
Name of Pets:Precious and Sissy  
Type of Pets:Cats
Gender of Pets:Females
Age of Pets at Adoption:   5 or 6 years
Month / Year Adopted: January 2011
Name of Pets at HSCI:Precious and Sissy