Humane Society of Central Illinois
Maggie Maggie


Before Maggie came to Bloomington, she lived in Champaign, where she was abused by her owner and the Champaign police took her to the Humane Society there. That agency further protected her by sending her to the HSCI in Bloomington. She was 2 years old then. She may have had a rough beginning to her life, but since she came to live with us, she has lived the life of a cherished only child!

Maggie is now 10½ years old and she is the happiest girl ever!  She lives with me and Shane and we just love her so much. Sometimes, I tell her 'The Maggie Story' about when I went out to the shelter and saw her sitting so sweetly and quietly in the cage. She wasn't nearly as quiet when we got her home. She is always on the alert to 'protect' us from all intruders. We took her home, where she sleeps in bed with me (where, sometimes, she even lets me have a little space), has a yard to run and play in, likes to jump for bubbles, loves chasing the pen light, likes for Shane to wrestle with her and just loves to dig through her toy box to find one favorite toy or another. She still plays like she's just a puppy.

She is the best at 'hide and seek'. She loves to have me hide and she hunts all around, stub tail going and her whole little butt shimmying. She looks everywhere, in the closets, under the bed, everywhere until she finds me. It's one of her favorite things to do. When we sit on the couch, she loves to cuddle, put her head on my lap and looks at me with adoring eyes. When I cook or bake, Maggie is always in the kitchen with me waiting for me to give her raw vegetables, let her lick the beaters after I make a cake. In fact, Maggie is EVERYWHERE I go...every step I take, she is right little shadow.

She has been OUR saving grace and we are so thankful for her. We were blessed when we found her!

Name of Pet:Maggie
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet: Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   2 years
Month / Year Adopted:July 2004  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Maggie