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Chili & Pepper

I had recently lost my two 18 year old cats this year and debated on purchasing additional cats. I KNEW if I got one, I'd probably end up getting two (so one wouldn't get lonely). I finally decided on Bandit and Arthur, who were two new 4 month old kittens on November 9, 2013. I first saw Bandit and had requested a long-haired black and white kitten and he fit the bill perfectly. Then I saw his brother, Arthur, who was all black and so lovable.

Well, after finally giving in and going for it again, I am SO GLAD I did. They are now called Chili and Pepper (Chili gets scared easily and Pepper is Black) and love their new home! Mommy gave them their own room to play in, along with hand sewing many new toys for them, I even built a special "playhouse" for them and several new toys. They have so much love and constant care that now I have a hard time sitting on the couch without them both wanting to constantly be in my lap. They are true "royalty" in my home and are given only the BEST treats and food; along with daily brushings, weekly nail trims, and special accommodations so they can jump and play without getting hurt in the process.

I even installed a screen door so when they go to their room at night, they are not separated from Mommy with a real door. When they get a bit older, they will be able to run and play all throughout the home. In the meantime, they are living a life of luxury and the Humane Society was very patient with me in my decision. I just didn't want to have to go through the pain of the "loss" when it eventually arrives; but life is too short to live in fear...and the love I receive from them daily is enough to face the fear and enjoy each day with my babies...Chili and Pepper are truly a blessing in my life and a big thanks to the Humane Society for being so kind. They not only helped me recover from my loss, but gave me two new kittens to love for a lifetime!

Name of Pets:Chili and Pepper
Type of Pets:Cats
Gender of Pets:Males
Age of Pets at Adoption:   5 months
Month / Year Adopted: November 2013
Name of Pets at HSCI:Bandit and Arthur