Humane Society of Central Illinois
Andy, Millie & Kim Millie


As I look out the window at Millie playing in the first big snowfall before Christmas, it's clear she's the best gift we could have received. My husband Andy and I adopted this brown bombshell nearly one year ago, in January of 2013. Being a busy couple, working full time jobs, the thought of adding a dog to our packed routine never crossed my mind until last Christmas. My sister gave us a book about man's best friend, as a gift. After unwrapping this seemingly innocent 300 page read, everything changed. My husband's desire to adopt a dog grew stronger every day. I kept reminding him we were busy -- getting a dog would make our packed schedules tighter -- with more time and money spent on vet bills, walks, toys, and treats. Yet Andy persisted, guiding me to the Humane Society of Central Illinois, where we'd spend hour after hour looking at the wide eyes and hopeful faces of dogs, peering through their cages, tails wagging, waiting for that perfect family to call their own.

The days passed. We kept looking.

The helpful staff at the Humane Society started calling us by name, patiently showing us dog after dog, answering our questions, and of course fielding my concerns about training, barking, and daily care.

Meeting Millie

Each stop, I bypassed her cage, despite Andy's comments about her pretty brindle coat and quiet demeanor. "She's too big," I'd remark. "A small dog will be more manageable." Yet, each time our eyes locked with hers we fell more in love. We finally chose to meet Millie in a private room, and the three of us clicked. She wasn't needy, didn't bark, and in spite of barely knowing us, followed some simple commands, like "sit,"and "come."

Millie's Story

The Humane Society told us she'd been found on a farm, abandoned along with two other dogs. A passerby notified the organization about the trio, and staff quickly rescued them. After a few more meet and greets with this sweet girl, she became the newest member of our family.

One year later

Life is better because of Millie. While it took time for her to get used to us, and vice versa we remained patient, enrolled in obedience classes, and gave her lots of love. She's the best dog we could have asked for, and her playful demeanor brightens our days. If we all could love unconditionally the way dogs do, this world would be a better place. A dog, which somebody didn't want, has a new future because we took a chance. She's happy, and we're happy. Thanks to the Humane Society of Central Illinois, we have a furry, wonderful addition to our family.

Name of Pet:Millie
Type of Pet:Dog
Gender of Pet:Female
Age of Pet at Adoption:   2 years
Month / Year Adopted: January 2013  
Name of Pet at HSCI:Amelia