Humane Society of Central Illinois

Success Stories Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines and information before submitting your My Pet's Story.

  1. By submitting your My Pet's Story, you are giving permission to HSCI to use the story and/or pictures on its website, newsletter, or other promotional material.
  2. Only pets adopted from the HSCI will be considered for Success Stories.
  3. My Pet's Stories will include pet owners first names only.
  4. HSCI may footnote My Pet Stories with additional information.
  5. My Pet's Stories are limited to approximately 500 words in length.
  6. My Pet's Stories are limited to 2 or 3 pictures. Pictures are encouraged.
  7. By submitting your My Pet's Story, you agree all information in the story is true. Some information may be verified with HSCI records.

If you have any questions please send us an email at Success Stories Questions.

Writing your My Pet's Story

At HSCI, our hope is for pets to have a happy, healthy life-long home where they are loved. Tell us how your pet has played a role in your life. Your My Pet's Story can include how the pet relates to other pets in your household, how you chose your pet, some of the pet's personality traits, human-pet bond, and any other items regarding your pet that pet lovers would appreciate.

Step One  -  Pictures

My Pet's Story Pictures

The first step is to send the pictures to us. My Pet Stories are limited to 2 or 3 pictures. For image files, "JPG" file format is preferred but other formats may be acceptable. To send image files to us, please do the following;

  1. Create an email addressed to:
  2. For the "Subject" of your email, type "Success Story Pictures". (This will help us distinguish your email from spam.)
  3. Attach the pictures (image files) to your email.
  4. Type your name and address in the text area of the email, and send the email.

Step Two  -  Information

My Pet's Story Form

Fill in the fields on the form and click the "Submit My Pet's Story" button to send your Pet's Story to HSCI. All fields are required except phone.

Pet Owner Information

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Pet Information

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    Male     Female - Required
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My Pet's Story!

Enter your My Pet's Story as if you were typing the story into a Word Processor. Please limit your story to no more than approximately 500 words in length.

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After filling out the form, click the 'Submit My Pet's Story' button to send your My Pet's Story to HSCI. Thank you!