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Can You Find The Five Reasons For Keeping Your Cat Indoors?

Dangers for the outdoor cat

While many believe that animals are happiest being outdoors, in the case of cats it's an entirely different picture. Please join us if you would on what seems to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood and find the reasons why.

  1. See that other cute cat? He's not quite as friendly as he looks and might even be carrying feline leukemia, rabies or other deadly diseases.
  2. Just took at that beautifully cut grass filled with worms, fleas, ticks, and pesticides - bad news.
  3. Cats don't read street signs, so they get lost very easily.
  4. Cars. The number one killer of cats.
  5. That cute little child who might choose to play with your cat a little too roughly, thinking he's a toy.

As if these aren't reasons enough, how about the fact that on average, outdoor cats live just 2 - 5 years, while indoor cats live as many as 15. As you can see, the findings show that if you keep your cat indoors, the picture will be a whole lot prettier. To get more information, call us today.

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