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Litter Training

Most cats and kittens are easily trained to use a litter pan. Choose a location that is convenient and acceptable to both you and your cat, away from the cat's feeding area and family traffic. Place your new cat in the litter pan soon after her arrival in your home. Be sure she has access to it and knows its location. Any accidents should be cleaned immediately and the area washed with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, or an enzyme-based product.

A trained cat's failure to use the litter pan may be caused by any number of conditions including:

Any new cat may make a mistake. Any mistake should be put into her litter pan. You can then gently put her in the pan and help her cover the mistake. If you see her sniffing around a previously soiled area, carry her to the litter pan again. When she used her pan, praise her generously. If she takes a while to catch on, you may need to confine her, with food, water, bed and litter pan, in a small unrugged room when you are away. DO NOT punish a cat if she makes a mistake. Your patience and praise are the keys to success in this area. If you don't seem to be getting anywhere, call the Humane Society of Central Illinois at (309) 451-1000 to talk to a counselor.